About 20 minutes hiking or 3 minutes by car you find the “Schneiderberg”, a calm and romantic model airfield. There you have a amazing view over St. Johann and can enjoy the wonderful scenery of the “Wilder Kaiser”.

During west up to northern winds you can find thermal lift from late afternoon onwards during sunshine until late evening in order to soar.

The airfield is big enough to fly sailplane models up to 4m span. The local colleagues from the MSC St. Johann assist you to get the plane into the air using a catapult to bring your plane into a proper starting altitude searching for thermal lift. The advice from the local pilots is very important to find the right location for thermals.

Please contact the colleagues from the MSC St. Johann before you want to fly. The airfield instruction is taken over by a local pilot then. Especially the approach procedure must be respected.

You find the contact in www.msc-stjohann.at/contact.php.
You gain a first pleasant anticipation looking into http://www.msc-stjohann.at/photogallery.php?album=5.